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Samsung Galaxy S22 5G



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Samsung Galaxy S22 5G



Two Bora Purple Galaxy S22 devices. One shows its main screen with a purple, wave-like wallpaper across the screen and continued into the device’s surroundings. The other is angled to show the side and rear, slightly overlapping with the front-facing Galaxy S22.

  • Nightography camera
  • A battery that lasts the day and beyond 1
  • Our fastest chip ever

The new form of creative expression

Galaxy S22 plus seen from the side. Galaxy S22 appears, also seen from the side, and moves like a hand on a clock. Both Galaxy S22 plus and S22 begin to turn and come to a stop seen from an angle, Galaxy S22 plus seen from the rear and Galaxy S22 seen from the front with a graphic wallpaper on the screen.

Be the group chat’s official photographer

It’s a pro-grade kit that fits in one hand. The triple Rear Camera and Selfie Camera offer innovative camera hardware and software so you can easily shoot a Gallery full of share-worthy content.

The Rear Camera on Galaxy S22 plus.

You’ve got all the smooth moves now

Life doesn’t stand still. But your video will. Our Pro-grade Camera records blurless, stable videos that stay smooth even as you bust a move.

How do we do it? The OIS correction angle has been improved by 58% and works with faster motion sampling to stabilise your shots. Your everyday also just got even more epic and colourful with Super HDR that captures it with 64x more colour information, even if the scene is backlit.

Two Galaxy smartphones seen from the front. One has the Quick Share panel on the screen. The other has the Gallery onscreen, showing the populating of photos and videos sent by Quick Share.

The fastest chip ever on Galaxy

Whether you’re vlogging your day, gaming all night or simply scrolling your feed, the 4nm processor makes for an incredibly smooth experience.

Go out for the night without plugging in

Galaxy S22 plus with a cityscape seen on the screen. A battery icon is in the front and the cityscape shifts from day to night to demonstrate the all-day battery life.

Your privacy. Secured.

Secure your private data from the second you turn your phone on with Samsung Knox. Knox Vault keeps your biometric information safe, while Secure Folder locks down your private data. And the new Permission Usage dashboard lets you see which apps are sharing your data or tracking you, and allows you to grant or deny access on your terms.

Make the smart switch

Unbox. Setup. Create. Smart Switch makes transferring data from your current phone seamless — bringing over your gallery, notes, contacts and more. Even if you’re coming from another OS.



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